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Virtual Mesotherapy Disruptive Fat Dissolve Serum

Virtual Mesotherapy Disruptive Fat Dissolve Serum

Virtual mesotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that is commonly used for body contouring, targeting concerns like fat reduction, skin aging, cellulite, and skin tightening. Disruptive Fat Dissolve is a combination virtual mesotherapy serum with PPC (phosphatidylcholine) and DA (deoxycholic acid) to effectively reduce fat deposits. DA effectively induces adipose tissue damage while PPC is an essential phospholipid that facilitates the emulsification of fat and helps DA through the dermal layer.

 Administration applications via Virtual Mesotherapy: Electroporation, Sonoporation (cavitation), Iontophresis (radiofrequency), Microneedling/Dermaroller

Recommended Usage: 1 session every 7-10 days. 

Number of sessions: up to 8 sessions. 

Treatment Area: Abdomen, Arms, Back, Buttock, Chin, Flank, Thigh

Application Amounts: Client size varies so not all areas are going to follow a specific usage amount. Do not exceed more than 16 ml per session. Do not mix with any other products containing deocycholic acid.


Application: Clean skin with alcohol prior to treatment. Apply serum in the desired treatment area. Do not mix with any other treatment serum. Refrain from any form of drainage 72 hours after administration.

*This product is intended for professional use only*

Contents: 5 sterile cosmetic grade vials with 10ml each.

Active Ingredients: Deoxycholic Acid, Caffeine, PPC.

*Consult with your physician before initiating any type of body contouring treatment. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease*


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I’m absolutely in love with this line of products!!!! Great results every single time!

Asante J.

I had an issue with my package and the seller was easily accessible and very responsive. She provided solutions and actually cared about making sure that I received my products, even though it was an error on the postal services part.

This company has gained a new reoccurring customer, and I will be referring other body sculpting specialist to them as well.

Marine Akopyan

Idk who to leave the review for the product or customer service because they are both amazing. The product is made and packed with such care and for the price you get a great amount of product.
Thank you for getting me my product on time for client not to quit on me!

MJ Sculpt 360
Quick shipping and excellent product!

Excellent customer service and products!