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Virtual Mesotherapy Evacuate Artichoke Serum

Virtual Mesotherapy Evacuate Artichoke Serum

Virtual mesotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that is commonly used for body contouring, targeting concerns like fat reduction, skin aging, cellulite, and skin tightening/lifting. 

Evacuate Artichoke Serum has a combination of ingredients to help stimulate lymphatic drainage. Add to any body contouring treatment to optimize results. Artichoke has a strong draining/detoxification effect and is known for repairing damaged skin cells. Artichoke evening skin tone and has been shown to improve skin tone and elasticity is lymphatic detoxifying. Caffeine aids in the reduction of cellulite. Calendula helps to accelerate detoxification by reducing the size of swollen lymph nodes and unclogging the lymphatic network. Due to the presence of bitter chemicals and antioxidents, Calendula is one of the most effective herbs for lymphatic drainage.  

Administration applications via Virtual Mesotherapy: Electroporation, Sonoporation (cavitation), Iontophresis (radiofrequency), Microneedling/Dermaroller

Recommended Usage: 1 session every 8-10 days. 

Number of sessions: up to 8 sessions. 

Treatment Area: Abdomen, Arms, Back, Buttock, Chin, Flank, Legs

Application Amounts: Client size varies so not all areas are going to follow a specific usage amount. Recommend 10ml for larger areas and 4ml for smaller areas. Rates can be adjusted depending on client.


Application: Clean skin with alcohol prior to treatment. Apply serum in the desired treatment area. Do not mix with any other treatment serum. Refrain from any form of drainage 72 hours after administration.

*This product is intended for professional use only*

Contents: 5 sterile cosmetic grade vials with 10ml each.

Active Ingredients: Artichoke Extract, Caffeine

*Consult with your physician before initiating any type of body contouring treatment. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease*


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Wonderful serum, works exactly like I need it to! LOVE!

Janet Sanchez

Amazing high quality products. The owner is also amazing. Also very affordable.